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In the past, the traditional way of treating termites was by the application of chemicals. Today’s termite management systems have grown & developed to now provide you with a lot more options. You now have the option of using termite interception & bait monitoring systems. Whether termites are located on the property, within your home or both. A baiting system will provide you with a very effective way of controlling termites.

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First Step

Of course the first step is to have a termite inspection performed to the Australian Standards. If termites are located within your home, above ground baiting stations are installed in the areas where the termites have been located. This involves screwing the above ground bait station to that area of activity. The bait station is then filled with a very low toxicity bait (less toxic than your humble table salt). Termites will then feed on the bait within this station & then transport it back to the source of the problem, the termite nest. It’s that easy. Termites will feed on the bait & then do the rest of the work. They will begin the process of eliminating their own colony.

How Baiting Works

The bait used works in a very unique way in that it will now begin to interrupt the termites natural process of development or growing. When a termite grows, it goes through a process known as molting. Molting means that a termite will grow a new exoskeleton under its old one. At this point a termite will then shed its old (outer) exoskeleton so that the new one is now exposed. The new exoskeleton will then swell & harden to form the newest outer layer.
A critical component of the termites exoskeleton is chitin. Chitin is a carbohydrate needed by a termite to form its exoskeleton. When a termite begins to feed on the bait it begins to interrupt the termites normal ability to produce chitin. So as you can see. A very scientific process. But put simply. If a termite cannot develop it will die. The beauty of this whole process is that it will take place very slowly. A very important factor as the termites will not associate the bait to being the problem & therefore continue to feed on this highly palatable substance until their ultimate demise.
To make this termite management system complete. Termite bait stations are also strategically placed around the perimeter of your home. This acts as a double up to the above ground stations that have been placed within your home. The in-ground stations differ in that they contain timbers that are highly enticing to termites. These stations can be installed within the soil areas &/or core drilled into concreted areas around the perimeter of your building. Once the termites locate the timbers within these stations they will then begin to consume them. Upon finding termite activity in these stations, the bait as previously described is then added to the stations as well & the whole process of elimination is repeated until all activity has ceased.
Studies have shown that once termites begin to feed on this bait they concentrate on the bait & not the timbers in your home. Another advantage with the baiting system is that it provides a very effective method of treating termites with very little disturbance. A very important factor in any termite management system.

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